Ms. Baldwin, based in Boston, Massachusetts, specializes in utility economics, regulation, and public policy, with a long-standing focus on telecommunications and with a more recent focus on consumer issues in electric and gas markets. Ms. Baldwin has been actively involved in public policy for forty-two years, which include thirty-six years in telecommunications, policy and regulation, and twelve years in energy policy and regulation. Ms. Baldwin received her Master of Economics from Boston University, her Master of Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and English from Wellesley College. Ms. Baldwin has extensive experience both in government and in the private sector.

Ms. Baldwin served as the Director of the Telecommunications Division for the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (now the Department of Telecommunications & Cable), and, in that capacity, was responsible for telecommunications policy recommendations and the implementation of state telecommunications regulations. She also served as a Senior Vice President at Economics and Technology, Inc. Since 2001, Ms. Baldwin has been advising and testifying on behalf of public sector agencies, consumer advocates, and unions as an independent consultant, working on her own and with others.

Ms. Baldwin has testified before twenty-four state public utility commissions in more than 75 state regulatory proceedings, served in a direct advisory capacity to regulators, and written numerous comments and affidavits submitted to the Federal Communications Commission

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